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VACATIONS are the sweethearts of their hometown, Newcastle, Australia, and beyond. Consisting of Campbell Burns, Jake Johnson, Nate Delizzotti, and Joseph Van Lier. They’ve been steadily building up a fanbase worldwide completely on their own terms and through the internet with a unique blend of indie rock, jazz, and shoe-gaze. 

VACATIONS released their debut album ‘Changes’ back in March. A bittersweet and nostalgic mix of arrangements, ‘Changes’ is multi-layered and rich work recorded almost entirely from home, before the neighbours complained and they had to shift the last of recording to a nearby studio. ‘Changes’ separates them from their contemporaries and highlights their development on all fronts from earlier releases like Vibes and Days.

Touring ‘Changes’ resulted in a world tour, a first for the group. The tour took them from Australia to Europe, the UK, and the USA. Online word-of-mouth was on full display with shows packed out by adoring fans who got their first chance to see the group live in cities like Paris, Berlin, London, and more.
 Due to VISAs, timing, and costs, the USA leg resulted in Burns flying over solo to meet up with some musicians in Chicago to form a new backing band before heading to Austin, Texas, for the prestigious SXSW. This is a testament to the power, prowess, and connections VACATIONS wield due to their strong online presence.

VACATIONS show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With more touring worldwide and new material on the horizon, it’s early days in this band’s career.


Photo by Charlie Hardy.